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Band Supplies

Band Supplies Raise Funds and Fun!

Band supplies are an ideal way to raise money for your school's marching band. These marching band supplies can be personalized with your school colors and custom text. Sell our band personalized candy bars to raise money for school's marching bands travel and expenses.

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Marching Band Supplies and Ideas

  • Our band music note travel mugs are a perfect spirit item for those early morning at marching band competitions.
  • Sell band personalized notebooks to students in the school store. Marching band members can use the notebooks for schoolwork or fun while on the bus to band competitions.
  • Use personalized banners such as the marching band square banner to announce the band's competition schedule or other events.
  • Check out all of our school spirit supplies for more ways you can show support for your marching band or plan band events that are more fun.