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Fans love mascots! Cheer for the home team in a mascot outfit. You can buy our crowd-pleasing designs in several custom colors -- you're certain to find one perfect for your school. Don't forget mascot accessories for making the most of your mascot.

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Mascot Outfit Ideas & Spirit Tips

Do you need a mascot costume for warm weather months? Concerned about the heat? Try thermo-lite mascots to keep your mascot cool. The heads are 50% lighter than regular mascot costumes, and they still look realistic. Using a kold kollar is another way to keep cool under that heavy suit. We also have mascot fans and other accessories for hot summer games. Let's face it: nobody is intimidated by a skinny mascot! Bulk up your mascot outfit easily when you buy fat padding.

More Mascots Tips

Keep your mascot outfits safe in a standard mascot tote. No more losing pieces! Help mascots soar to victory over the competition with a school spirit supplies such as sports balls, spirit beads, and poms. Shop our wide selection of colors to find some perfect for your school's teams.