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Wedding Balloon Decorations

Stretch Your Wedding Decoration Dollars With Festive Wedding Balloons

You're in charge of organizing a reception and wedding and you want to make it a fun and colorful event, so how do you make the most of your decoration budget? With wedding balloons from Stumps, you have dozens of choices to match the colors of your wedding party and tables. Use balloons as affordable centerpieces, pew markers, eye-catching decorations around doorways, or tag them on the getaway car! They'll quickly fill the background of your wedding photos with festive color. Quickly and cheaply transform any space into a fun and exciting celebration.

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Choose Your Wedding Balloon Sizes and Styles

Stumps has wedding balloon decorations in traditional latex and shiny mylar, in a rainbow of colors and color combinations, or clear balloons with decorations. We even have glow in the dark designs! (Mylar balloons are shipped flat without helium.) Choose from standard balloon shapes, to novelty shapes like stars, hearts, or chains of hearts. Choose accents like glitter, silver, or pearl white in patterns like swirls and stars. Stumps also has balloon bag and party balloons for balloons to rain down on cue. We also have specialty theme balloons and kits for balloon arches and entryways.