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How do I convert a quote into an order?

Follow the directions below and choose one of our three convenient options for processing your quote into an order.


  • Complete your purchase on-line with a credit card.
  • Reload your quote on the website under Need-A-Quote (this will put your order back into your shopping cart).
  • Simply check out again but enter your credit card as payment.


  • Fax or mail us a printout of your quote along with a signed purchase order.
  • Make sure you include your quote number, a signature from a principal or bookkeeper, and the correct order amount including appropriate shipping on your purchase order.
  • Our fax number is 1-260-723-4431 and our address is below.


  • Mail your quote with your check in full (including appropriate shipping).
  • Our mailing address is:

    Stumps Party
    P.O. Box 305
    South Whitley, IN 46787-0305
  • When using UPS or FedEx please use:

    Stumps Party
    101 East Carroll Road
    South Whitley, IN 46787

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