> > Is your decorating material flame retardant?

Is your decorating material flame retardant?

Flame-Retardant Information

Read our flame retardant safety information for gossamer and poly vinyl. All the flame retardant information is printer friendly. Feel free to print a copy for your files or local Fire Marshal.


Solid Color Gossamer

Bermuda Blue Gossamer
Black Gossamer
Blush Gossamer
Brown Gossamer
Burgundy Gossamer
Citrus Green Gossamer
Cranberry Gossamer
Forest Green Gossamer
Gold Gossamer
Green Gossamer
Hot Pink Gossamer
Indigo Gossamer
Ivory Gossamer
Lavender Gossamer
Light Blue Gossamer
Lime Green Gossamer
Metallic Purple Gossamer
Metallic Silver Gossamer
Navy Blue Gossamer
Olive Gossamer
Orange Gossamer
Pink Gossamer
Plum Gossamer
Purple Gossamer
Raspberry Gossamer
Red Gossamer
Royal Blue Gossamer
Teal Gossamer
Thunder Grey Gossamer
Turquoise Gossamer
White Gossamer
Yellow Gossamer

Patterned Gossamer

Bamboo Gossamer
Black and White Star Gossamer
Blue and White Twinkle Star Gossamer
Cloud Gossamer
Cobblestone Gossamer
Fifties Gossamer
Flagstone Gossamer
Hollywood Gossamer
Paris Gossamer

Poly Vinyl

Solid Color Poly Vinyl

Poly Vinyl Test Results
Black Poly Vinyl
Black Poly Vinyl
Blue Poly Vinyl
Dark Blue Poly Vinyl
Forest Green Poly Vinyl
Gold Poly Vinyl
Light Blue Poly Vinyl
Purple Poly Vinyl
Red Poly Vinyl
Royal Blue Poly Vinyl
Silver Poly Vinyl
White Poly Vinyl
White Poly Vinyl

Patterened Poly Vinyl

Black and White Twinkle Patterned Poly Vinyl
Dark Blue Water Patterned Poly Vinyl
Cloud Patterned Poly Vinyl
Flagstone Patterned Poly Vinyl
Light Blue Water Patterned Poly Vinyl



Tissue Pomps

Tissue Pomps

"Real" Grass Mats

Grass Mats

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