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Top 10 Prom Themes

Choosing a theme for prom is the first and most important step of prom planning. This decision will direct and guide the rest of your planning decisions. With so many different themes and designs out there, even one theme may have a variety of different looks that could go with it.

To make your choices simple, we have compiled a list of our top 10 themes. Each one of these collections contains all the right decorations to fit nearly any venue with coordinating invitations and favors that are perfectly on trend.

#1 Hollywood

A Hollywood theme is a classic way to add glamor and excitement to your prom. This theme is a great starting point because it gives you incredible flexibility and inspiration for decorations, activities, and favors.

Your prom walk can have the look and feel of a red carpet. You can even add an arch for the entry and backdrops for paparazzi style photos.

Make the dance feel like a major award show with large props, dramatic lighting, and glamorous decorations. Everyone will love taking pictures when you set up multiple photo booths and selfie stations.

Extend the Hollywood theme to the after prom. Students will want to stay when it feels like an after party for the stars. We have hundreds of difference items you can use to create A-lister swag bags and prizes.

We have a great selection of theme collections you can use as a jumping off point for the night. We also have thousands of items that you can use to add your own unique spin to a Hollywood party.

#2 Paris

There’s something absolutely romantic about a Paris getaway. A Paris theme will drop you right in the middle of all the classic sites of Paris, France. As students take a break from dancing, the can stroll past the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower or even eat dessert beside a little French Café – crepes, anyone?

Start off the prom by sending a special invitation to all your seniors. We have a wide variety of designs and styles in our invitations and tickets, but we also love to see schools getting creative and sending personalized party favors as the invitation. Why not put a personalized chocolate lollipop in every student’s locker? You can also add a personalized sticker to any item and use it as a special way to save the date.

When students arrive at the prom, you want to make sure it feels like they have actually been transported to France, even if it was just a short car ride away. Use cobblestone paper and old world lamp posts to make it feel as if students really are strolling up the elegant streets of Paris.

With a Paris theme, you should also focus on having a luxurious dessert table, even if you’re not serving a full meal. Serve macaroons, crepes, and gourmet chocolates. Make the table a focal point for all your décor by adding a black and white stripe table cover and setting it against a backdrop of the Paris skyline framed in string lights.

There are a variety of ways that you can style a Parisian prom, be sure to check out our theme collections and find the aesthetic that will work for your school.

#3 Masquerade

Masquerade themes are a timeless choice. Every guest will love picking out (or making their own) mask to coordinate with their ensembles for the evening. This theme adds a certain level of mystery and romance to an already exciting evening.

Get the word out and let the students know early that the theme will be. Put a mask cutout in the school entrance with the date printed on it. Then, when the date gets a bit closer, you can send each senior a mask-shaped invitation with information about ticket sales.

You’ll want to make sure that you have great photo opportunities set up at the masquerade. We suggest having two separate photo booths – one with a professional photographer and one selfie station where guests can snap pictures as they please. You can make a formal photo setting by using a wire frame and draping fabric and garland around it. Black shimmera and red rose garland will create an amazing look.

Check out all our masquerade decorations and prom supplies to see which styles would fit with the look that you’ve envisioned.

#4 Stars

For a celestial feel, the stars prom is the way to go. This romantic theme will have all your guests feeling like they are walking on clouds as they stroll through your venue. This theme really allows creativity and romance to take centerstage. To start planning, it works well to choose one (or two) metallic colors, then a cool color as the color palette for your décor. Purple and silver or deep blue and gold look incredible.

You can set your prom in the heavens by adding large party props to near the entrance. A giant crescent moon paired with hanging star garland makes a great impression and looks amazing as a backdrop for photos as well.

The tables are a great opportunity to carry your theme a little further. Light and airy fabrics, like gossamer or tulle, paired with lights and a starry centerpiece will create the night sky right on the table. If you’re decorating the dessert table, you can layer a tulle table skirt with string lights and set it against a mural of the night sky.

The creative direction is yours for the taking with this theme. Explore our thousands of shimmering, twinkling, and stunning looks that we have to help you create a stars prom.

#5 Black Tie

For some, prom is all about what you wear. Our black tie and ballroom collections will help you create an elegant affair without the distraction of a literal theme. The black-tie collections feature modern patterns, elegant color schemes, and limitless opportunities to make them yours.

To create a grand aesthetic at your black-tie prom, you need to start with large props. A column is a must-have for creating a big entrance. Include a banner or sign at the entrance to make your prom walk photos a keepsake that will always remind your students of their big night.

With a formal theme like black tie, you should pull out all the stops. Add a chandelier or two on the stage, above display tables, and in any other corners that would otherwise be overlooked.

Our selection of black tie prom favors will make every guest feel VIP. The modern patterns and designs on our travel mugs, tumblers, photo frames, and key chains will make them keepsakes that students will be proud to show off.

#6 Under the Sea

Your guests can travel beneath the depths of the sea and discover a new and exciting world at prom. This imaginative theme if filled with bold colors, whimsical props, and amazing opportunities for creativity.

Add dimension to your décor by using textured elements, like fabric and floral sheeting, in your décor. You can also create amazing backgrounds by stringing garland or festooning on a wire frame or directly on a wall, you won’t believe the depth that it creates in your décor!

The cool color palette, filled with purples and blues and touches of green is sure to be an instant hit with the prom committee and all your guests.

Your guests can be on the lookout for buried treasure with our Treasures of the deep theme or simply explore the depths of the ocean floor with our thousands of under the sea decorations that are sure to transform your prom space.

#7 Tropical

While a luau theme might feel more like a great idea for After Prom, you'll be impress by the way these decorations warm up any room. Bright colors and warm island spirit make this the perfect alternative for prom.

In true Hawaiian spirit, upon arrival, each guest should receive a lei. Then, they can wander the room, snap photos in your tropical photo booth, or grab some themed foods from a table that’s been dressed up with a grass skirt.

To set the tables, you can create napkin rings out of Hawaiian leis, use palm trees as centerpieces, and set it all against a backdrop of a sunset.

We have a large variety of theme collections to make your tropical prom come to life. Choose from a more elegant take with the Vintage Luau theme, or keep it classic with our thousands of luau products.

#8 1920s

The 1920’s are known for their grand style, ornate details, and geometric designs that come together to be Art Deco. Students will enjoy parting like the Great Gatsby himself in the grand twist on a 1920’s prom.

You can add ornate detailing with gold sequin fabric and personalized backgrounds.

#9 Casino

For years, our casino proms have been a popular choice for schools. They offer fun, easy decoration choices, and great activity ideas beyond dancing. The Vegas-inspired collections give you all those aspects, plus turns it into a getaway experience by re-creating so many iconic Las Vegas landmarks right in your prom venue.

Instead of sticking to dancing as the solo activity for the evening, add a "gambling hour" where you can set up game tables and students can play classic casino games. While you could certainly pay a company to host this for you, we suggest having parent volunteers dress in proper card dealer visors and vests and sit at tables covered in green table cloths to host the games themselves.

Make the casino prom larger than life by adding in party props like giant playing cards, slot machines, or even a "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign! These items will fill the room with the excitement and make students feel like they’ve spent an evening in a real casino.

We have so many casino party decorations, you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for and a few pleasant surprises too.

#10 Around the World Travel

Get your tickets and passports ready! This theme will transport your guests from city to city as they explore the sites and experiences of world travel all in a single night. If you’re serving food at prom, this is a great opportunity to mix it up and cater in foods from a variety of cultures.

This theme allows incredible opportunity for creativity. With a passport as the foundation for your décor, you can pull inspiration from our dozens of destination themes.

Set the photo booth in Morocco, the dessert table in Paris, the dance floor in Egypt; let the students swing by Big Ben on the way to check out the favor tables, and even transform the hallways into the streets of New York City!

To get students excited about the big night, you can send out passport invitations or even set out a passport prop with all the ticket information near where you sell tickets for the evening.

We offer an incredible selection of destination prom themes. Start thinking about how you can create a world-travel experience at your prom now!

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