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13 Creative uses for Floral Sheeting

Floral Sheeting is best known for its use in decorating parade floats, but savvy event planners know it works even better to decorate for events of all varieties.

As students across the nation gear up to decorate thousands of parade floats, we wanted to share with you some great ideas for other practical ways to use (or reuse) floral sheeting.

Please enjoy these real examples which were sent in by real customers and professionals across the nation.

1.Wall Decorations

Heather Bauer used White Floral Sheeting to add a luxe touch to a simple color scheme. When paired with tissue poms and other hanging decor, it created a beautiful play on texture.

Floral Sheeting Ideas

2. Table Covers

One thing that we especially love is floral sheeting's practical use to add texture. In this example, a customer simply layered white elements together to create a stunning look for a wedding. White Floral Sheeting acts as an excellent base for the whole look.

White Floral Sheeting

3.Party Props

Floral sheeting is an incredibly versatile textile. Here, a variety of colors is used to cover a cardboard structure it easily covered the large surfaces and turned a boring cardboard structure into a giant pinata party prop.

Floral Sheeting Party Prop

4. Backdrops

Floral sheeting also makes an excellent backdrop for dessert or gift tables. Here, Brittany Schwaigert used green floral, combined with playing cards, to create an amazing backdrop for an Adult Birthday Party she styled.

Floral Sheeting Backdrop

5. Costumes

As Halloween approaches, you might find yourself looking for a costume DIY. If that is the case, look no further! Use floral sheeting to turn ordinary strips of cardboard into playing card costumes that are sure to win awards at the Halloween party!

Floral Sheeting Costumes

6. Table Runners

Jess at Celebration Stylist put together an unbelievably chic bridal shower using a very simple color palette of white, gold, and little pops of pinks. The floral sheeting really helps this color palette come to life by adding texture.

Floral Sheeting Table Runner

7. School Spirit

One of the largest ways that we see floral sheeting used is for school spirit. Because it comes in large sheets, it's easy to cover large areas, like this local school did to the doors of their school.

Floral Sheeting School Spirit Doors

8. Table Skirts

Looking to turn an unsightly table into a focal point that you're proud of? Floral sheeting creates an excellent table skirt. Simply add Adhesive Pad Tape to the perimeter of the table and attached the floral sheeting around. You can then trim it down to the correct size so it's a good fit.

Floral Sheeting Table Skirt

9. Parade Floats

We wouldn't be doing floral sheeting justice if we didn't at least mention using it for parade floats. It's an incredibly easy way to cover the whole surface of your float with color and texture! There's a reason it's our most popular float decoration.

Floral Sheeting Parade Float

10. Scene Setters

With a little creativity, you can create any scene you want. Here, floral sheeting is combined with Twistees to create a football end zone for a sports banquet.

Floral Sheeting Scene Setter

11. Stage Decorations

One of the more creative ways we've seen floral sheeting used is to create columns on a stage. Here, each columns is made from one roll of floral sheeting and lights are placed behind to create an iridescent effect. The iridescent floral sheeting would work well to achieve this look.

Floral Sheeting Stage Decorations

12. Home Decor

Gearing up to welcome trick or treaters shouldn't fill you with fright, create a Halloween display using floral sheeting! This same concept could be applied to all of your holiday needs.

Floral Sheeting Home Decor

13. Boat Decorations

In some communities, a day on the lake means a day spent with your neighbors, friends, and family. For big holiday weekends, floral sheeting and fringe ensures that your pontoon boat is the best one on the lake.Since the floral sheeting is made out of mylar, it won't be harmed by water.

Floral Sheeting Boat Decorations

We would love to see how YOU are using floral sheeting. Send us your examples using #stumpsparty or message us.

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