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Themes that Will Rule Prom 2017

Choosing a theme for prom is the first and most important step of prom planning. This decision will direct and guide the rest of your planning decisions. With so many different themes and designs out there, even one theme may have a variety of different looks that could go with it. We're starting off our predictions with 15 themes we expect to rule prom 2017.

We've collected a few theme ideas that are sure to be a hit with your guests. Check out our predictions for what's going to be popular this year at prom.

#1 Hollywood

Your prom walk should feel like a red carpet. The Hollywood theme gives you just that feeling. The classic Hollywood details found in our Hollywood Hills Nights Collection will make you feel like you’re walking down Sunset Boulevard with the paparazzi all around. Try dressing this theme up with hints from your favorite movies and movie posters in the hallways.

#2 Paris

There’s something absolutely romantic about a Paris getaway. Oure Paris collections will drop you right in the middle of all the classic sites of Paris, France. As students take a break from dancing, the can stroll past the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower or even eat dessert beside a little French Café – crepes, anyone?

#3 Masquerade

Masquerade themes are a timeless choice. Every guest will love picking out (or making their own) mask to coordinate with their ensembles for the evening. The masquerade theme gets elevated to a whole new level of splendor with our Black and Gold theme because of all the ornate details that are etched into the decorations.

#3 Black Tie

For some, prom is all about what you wear. The sequins and bowties theme captures the glamour of the evening with glitzy nods to this idea. Give your prom a James Bond type of charm and finish the look with swag bags for every guest.

#4 2017 Elegance

If you find yourself craving a prom that’s more about elegant design and romantic details, and less about a literal theme, this is just what you need. The mix of patterns makes a striking look when it’s all done up with black, gold and silver details. Ladies' prom dresses will take center stage in the photo booth and tuxedos will look impressive against these bold patterns.

#5 Stars Theme

For a celestial feel, the stars prom is the way to go. This romantic theme will have all your guests feeling like they are walking on clouds as they stroll through your venue. Make it unforgettable by adding in crescent moon details that coordinate.

#6 Under the Sea

This theme is a timeless classic. Your guests can travel beneath the depths of the sea and discover a new and exciting world at prom.

#7 Tropical

While a luau theme might feel more like a great idea for After Prom, you'll be impress by the way these decorations warm up any room. The Vintage Luau collection makes it fun with a flair of timeless elegance. The muted tones and fun accessories will ensure that every moment at prom is picture perfect!

#8 1920's

The 1920’s are known for their grand style, ornate details, and geometric designs that come together to be Art Deco. Students will enjoy parting like the Great Gatsby himself in the grand twist on a 1920’s prom.

#9 Casino

For years, our casino proms have been a popular choice for schools. They offer fun, easy decoration choices, and great activity ideas beyond dancing. The Vegas Nights collection gives you all of those aspects, plus turns it into a getaway experience by re-creating so many iconic Las Vegas landmarks right in your prom venue. Be sure to send everyone home with a memorable party favor, like playing cards or personalized poker chips.

#10 Around the World Travel

Get your tickets and passports ready! This theme will transport your guests from city to city as they explore the sites and experiences of world travel all in a single night. If you’re serving food at prom, this is a great opportunity to mix it up and cater in foods from a variety of cultures.

#14 City

Make your prom metropolitan! A city theme can bring the excitement to even the smallest towns. A city skyline makes an incredibly romantic background.

#11 Garden

Prom should have a romantic air to it. The Midsummer Night’s Dream combines timeless elements and drops them together to create a romantic outdoor setting in any location or climate. This whimsical theme features a variety of textures and details that are sure to look elegant in any venue.

#12 Mardi Gras

We love Mardi Gras proms, but our Bourbon Street Nightlife collection brings a breath of fresh air to this classic theme. Guests will feel like they’ve taken a trip to New Orleans as they stroll past the realistic buildings and stop by the fortune teller booth before hitting the dance floor.

#13 Carnival

Carnivals are always fun for prom. Depending on your budget, you can bring in performers or set up games for guests to play when they take a break from dancing. The Vintage Boardwalk theme adds new depth to what can otherwise turn out to be tacky décor. Guests will walk around in what feels to be a coastal town in southern California where they can stop off, take photos, and participate in the activities that you have planned.

#15 State of Grace

This chic collection of boho designs and glamorous accents. This elegant design creates a heavenly aesthetic no matter how you style it. Our favorite piece is the arch, because of it’s glorious detail and versatile use.

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