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5 Easy Steps for Prom Decorating

There’s a lot that goes into decorating the perfect venue for prom night. You want to make the evening memorable for all of the guests, so covering drab walls and adding pieces of decor throughout your space are key to creating the perfect dance. Here are 5 steps to make prom decorating quick and easy:

1. Choose Your Prom Theme

Before you begin decorating, you need to decide on a theme. We have hundreds of dance themes at Stumps, so the possibilities are endless. Whether you want an evening in the Stars, a Miami Beach getaway or an elegant masquerade ball, we have 300+ themes for you to choose from.

2. Buy Prom Decorations

It’s important to buy decorations early so you have plenty of time to plan. Once you decide on a theme, you can purchase decor to help pull the event together.

One stress-free way to help make sure that you have all the essentials you need for your theme is to buy a theme kit. For example, if you want to throw a Hollywood theme prom, the Hollywood Walk of Fame Theme Kit has everything you would need: a star arch, standees, red rope railing with gold stanchions and spotlight floor lamps. These kits include the essentials you need for quick and easy decorating.

3. Add in the Extra Pieces

Great proms have exciting entryways, eye-catching focal points, elegant tableware with themed centerpieces and perfect mood lighting. Come up with a plan in advance with how to you want to style your event to help with the decorating process.

It’s important to know your venue before you start to decorate. If you want to use gossamer to cover gym walls, it’s important to know how much you'll need and how you plan on hanging it. If you’re looking for a memorable photo booth, make sure you know how large of a banner or photo background you need for your space.

4. Round Up Prom Helpers

Make sure that you have an ample amount of volunteers to help decorate. Parents often times are more than willing to help volunteer and set-up the venue, so be sure to ask. Encourage students to help by running a contest to incentivize students to join!

5. The Finishing Touch - Custom Prom Favors

Favors are the final piece to pull the entire night together. Give these to students as a memento from the evening that matches with the decor. Whether you’re looking for swag bags filled with a variety of on-trend items, personalized drinkware or picture frames to pair with photo booth pictures, Stumps has the perfect favors for your theme of choice.

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