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5 Unique Prom Themes to Love

Your prom should fit your style perfectly. And what’s a better fit than a prom theme as unique as you and your crew? We hope to challenge and inspire you to choose a prom theme that’s completely original! With these five prom themes, we’ve put together new twists on classic ideas or come up with something completely new and fun. Each theme has coordinating invitations, tickets, décor, prom favors and more, to make this year’s prom an absolute blast - and easy to plan from start to finish.

We love how romantic the Fanciful Flowers theme is for prom 2019. This kit boasts lovely white flowers, draped fabric, garden windows, flower trees and an exquisite fountain. The white birch trees can easily be draped with white flower garlands to make the perfect willowy look for a romantic stroll in the garden. For a grand entrance, we added white lanterns and flower petals to create a stunning runway. The hanging chandeliers draped with white flower garlands add dimension to the room and another element of romance. With the simple white color palette, dresses and ties will pop with color (perfect for photos for couples or friends).

2. Glow

Turn the lights down low for a theme that glows. We love everything about a glow prom theme including the huge color-changing inflatable arch that will set the mood for the ultimate dance party. Fill the venue with large inflatable glow stars, balls and columns. For an easy DIY, glue several glow sticks together to make glowing orbs that hang from the ceiling. Prom favors are easy – simply hand out glow necklaces, beads, sticks and bracelets to each prom attendee. The glow sticks will light up the dance floor! Personalize light-up drinkware that everyone can use during prom night and at home after the night is over!

Every prom attendee’s jaw will drop when they enter the room filled with the elaborate Frosted Winter Wonderland theme. This balloon-based theme is perfect for an elegant and romantic prom. Make prom-planning easy by purchasing the Frosted Winter Wonderland Theme Kit which includes a balloon arch, lighted white tunnel, balloon fountain and chandelier, an assortment of winter trees and white city street lights. With so much to use for decorations, you can focus on all the small details like the cobblestone flooring, draped fabric and tableware. We love the iridescent snow finish – it simply sparkles when it catches the light! Several props are shipped with all the string lights you need to create a beautiful and romantic atmosphere.

Transport your prom venue to an underwater lagoon with this beautiful blue theme. With huge props that feature whales, mermaids, seahorses, anchors and coral reef, promgoers will love dancing around balloons stringed like bubbles. Our favorite pieces in the Meet Me Under the Sea theme are the chandeliers and cascading lights. These easy-to-construct props resemble jellyfish and glow with twinkling lights – just like how the sun reflects off the ocean. Create a unique entryway by framing the doors with 8-foot coral reef arches and teal floral sheeting as a runway. Stumps Party also carries an entire line of underwater-themed prom décor, invitations, favors and more – everything you need to complete the under-the-sea vision!

Fill your venue with enchanting greenery, straw bales and garden trees – all with a Rustic Romance Theme Kit. We love how easy it is to decorate with the theme kit; it includes barn props, an entrance mural, garden tree props, a pineapple fountain, straw bales, a barrel cocktail table and white city street lights. We complimented this look with decorative glass lanterns, white tulle and gossamer, and extra globe string lights. Drape the fabric using white flowers and greenery for an extra sweet touch. Pink round confetti sprinkled across the venue (in the entryway or on the cocktail tables) add a pop of color and texture. Pose next to the barn doors for a fun photo op. These keepsakes will last with personalized prom picture frames – a great prom favor!

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