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7 Fun After-Prom Activity Ideas

Post- or after-prom parties are extremely popular for many schools as a way to keep the prom fun going under supervision. After-prom parties are casual events and activity-based, keeping students occupied throughout the evening. Here are 7 epic post-prom ideas that are sure to keep the party going!

1. Throw Another Dance Party

Whether you stay at the school or rent a different venue, dance the night away at a casual after party. You can tie the after-prom theme to your prom theme (like Glow, Luau or Through the Decades), letting students change into casual attire for the second half of the party.

Prom tip: Re-use your prom decor from after-prom. Using the lights, fabric and photo booth will save time and money.

2. Host a Movie Night

Transform your venue into a movie theater. Set-up a projector in your school gym and watch the movie with your students in the stands. Try to narrow down movie selections to relate somehow to your prom theme: Pirates of the Caribbean to follow a Treasure Bay theme, Wizard of Oz to follow a Night in Oz, a western movie to pair with Wild West Fest, etc. Encourage students to dress on-theme with the movie!

Once you decide on a movie, hang banners with movie showings and times. Also, pass out tickets with the movie information so students are in the know.

If students decide to not watch a movie, have games available for them. Set up a fun photo booth and include on-theme props to tie to the movie.

Prom tip: Be sure to serve up lots of popcorn in popcorn containers, nachos, lollipops and candy bars for the students to enjoy throughout the evening!

3. Head to a Game Night

Everyone loves a fun game night, especially if the room decor matches with their favorite board games! Candy and Game Night themes are perfect for both prom and after-prom.

Think of some unqiue games for students to play - like Minute to Win It or Euchre, and also set-up a few games of cornhole as an alternative for guests. For prizes, try to put together creative, on-theme gift baskets, such as a game basket, with playing cards, popcorn and candy to give away.

Prom tip: Set up standees and banners around the venue to help students know what games are where! For example, display a Candy Land standee by Candy Land, an Operation standee by Operation and a Sorry standee by Sorry. Also, if you want to make it even more interactive, create a lifesize Clue game with this awesome kit, which includes standees that look just like the board - like the Dining Room, the Study and the Living Room.

4. Play Games at a Carnival Party

Host a carnival in an arcade, amusement park or a school gym. Whether you paired this with a Casino-themed prom or have a Carnival theme throughout, this is a great option to keep the fun going! Be sure to pass out tickets at the beginning of the night so students can play games, buy food and earn prizes!

Prom tip: Interactive games are a necessity for a carnival party! Be sure to incorporate a plink disk drop game, a prize punch game, a ring toss and more! Add on-theme, personalized favors, like candy or mugs, as prizes for students. Another great option is to provide personalized school spirit gear for students to use at sporting events.

Looking for more ideas? Here’s a few other options that you can do with your students!

  • 5. Go to a Bowling Alley - This is a fun and affordable way to keep students occupied throughout the evening. You can even give away fun bowling pin water bottles as a prize and incorporate a bowling stand-in so students can capture the moment!
  • 6. Skate at a Roller Skating Rink - Students can skate, play games and eat food! Talk to your local rink to see if you can decorate the space. Pick a decade and have attendees dress up to match the theme!
  • 7. Spend the Evening at an Arcade - Arcades allow students the ability to spend as much or as little money as they’d like. Set-up a fun photo booth by the entrance so students can snap pictures as they arrive!

Have a fun and safe after-prom!

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