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7 Theme Ideas for Prom

If you and your prom committee are still working to settle on a theme, we’re here to help. With 90 years in the business, we have seen trends come and go and know what truly makes prom special. These seven themes offer incredible opportunity for creating your own twist while making it memorable and exciting for every student.

#1 Hollywood

There are so many ways to plan a Hollywood prom, but there are some ideas that truly capture the magic of the city. At Stumps Party, we offer seven unique collections that will all help you add your own unique flair to the party.

Must-Have Detail: No matter what unique spin you put on your Hollywood prom you really can’t do without a red carpet entrance! Be sure to include a red carpet, red rope railings, and a VIP backdrop for photos taken by paparazzi. If you’re really looking to wow your guests, you can create a walk of fame and include all of the senior’s names!

#2 Casino

For prom planners that really want to bring entertainment other than dancing, this is the way to go. You can set up different tables with classic casinos and even include prizes at the end if you would like to! We offer four unique casino theme collections that will help you make the theme your own, but simply choosing the a casino theme is a jackpot kind of idea.

Must-Have Details: Game tables. Guests will enjoy trying their hand at different casino games with their friends. While there are companies that will do the leg work and work that tables, you can save money by having parents dress up in dealer uniforms and acting as dealers for the night.

Put your own special twist on the party by setting it in Las Vegas with party props. Guests will feel like they’ve had a big getaway adventure without ever leaving town.

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