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Balloon Garland DIY

Balloon garlands are an easy, affordable way to fill up a ton of space at your party. Plus, they’re on trend and a lot easier to create than they look! We love to style balloon garlands for baby showers, birthdays, fundraisers, bachelorette parties, school dances and so much more. Create a cool focal point, an easy photo op and an instant conversation starter with a balloon garland!


Blow up and tie the balloons you plan on using for your garland. We like to use a variation of sizes to give the garland some dimension. Blow up two balloons and then tie them together - this will save you from tying each balloon and then tying them together again. We love time-saving tricks!

Start your garland by tying both ends of your monofilament line to sturdy anchor points. The length of your line should be slightly longer than the length of your final balloon garland.


Place one pair of tied balloons on top of the line and twist the balloons around the line one time. This motion is similar to tying a twist-tie around a plastic bag. This should secure the pair of balloons to the line.


Once your first pair of balloons have been wrapped around the monofilament line, slide the twisted balloon pair to the beginning of your line. If you’ve wrapped your balloons correctly, you should be able to slide the balloons along the line easily. Continue by repeating steps "twist" and "slide" with each balloon pair until you’ve achieved your desired length. It’s that easy!

Flip around the balloons on the line to create an even look. You can even manipulate the sizes and placing of the balloons to create a big-to-small waterfall look. Or try placing in artificial leaves, flowers or adding in some streamers for a fuller, even more unique look!

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