12 Gift Ideas for Senior Night

Schools across the country are celebrating their senior athletes in various sports, like volleyball, soccer and football, before they start cheering for their winter athletes. Our experts are often asked for tips on what to give to senior athletes as a gift for senior night.

We have compiled a list of a few of our most popular items, as well as some you wouldn't expect.

Personalized Mugs & Tumblers

Mugs and tumblersare a practical gift that students can use for years to come. Whether they are fueling up on water before a big game, or walking to their first college class, these insulated cups will always hold special meaning to your students.


Custom photo canvases are a gift that the student and their parents can both enjoy. You can create these with a photo from the current season, or ask parents to submit a photo from the athlete's childhood. Many athletic directors enlist the school's yearbook class to provide them with cool photos from the season.

Sports Bags

Water bottles are affordable enough to give to all of your athletes, even if you're on a budget. You can often get large-quantity discounts, which will help to reduce the price even further. Many athletic directors choose to order in bulk at the beginning of the year, then use the water bottles for every athletic team.

Big Head Cutouts

Big Head Cutouts double as a spirited way to cheer for the big game and a decoration for the event. After it's over, each athlete can take them home and use them to decorate their graduation party in the spring.


Custom posters make every athlete look like a superstar. These also work well to decorate for the event.

Custom Candy Bars

For a very affordable option, or as a supplement to another gift, include spirited candy bars. These can even be personalized to include a voucher from your school's concession stand or spirit store.


Umbrellas are a practical gift for everyone. When you personalize it with your school's color and logo, it becomes a unique keepsake that the students will enjoy using for years.


A new addition to our collection, fleece blankets are an excellent gift. These soft blankets can be personalized with your team's color, mascot, and team name.


Another practical option, these lanyardswill be used to carry car keys, college dorm room keys, first home keys, and more for many years down the road.

Car or Locker Magnets

These custom magnets make a great gift for any spirited member of your team. You can use them to decorate the student's lockers, or students can place them on their cars or their family's cars.

Flash Drives

Flash drives are another gift that has a practical purpose. Students can use these personalized flash drives to turn in their homework or to store photos from high school.

What are your favorite senior night gift ideas?