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20 Fundraising Ideas for Prom

You want to make your prom as classy and fun as possible, but also affordable, right? Consider fundraising to bring down ticket prices, or to allow for extras, like the DJ you think will get everyone on their feet. Check out these ideas and grab your friends to help!

1. Sell Parking Spaces

Is your school parking lot large and packed most days? Auction off the best parking spots closest to the entrance. Students will especially appreciate this if the weather is bad or if they’re consistently running late. Allow them to paint their spot, too, to make it personal. The auction could be hosted at senior night, homecoming or any other school fundraiser.

2. Have a T-shirt Designing Contest

Your sporting events and other school activities could always use a little extra color and style. Have students volunteer to design a t-shirt and then you can have everyone cast a vote for the best; a great way to do the voting is through social media based on likes, comments or shares. Then, once a winner has been chosen, have the t-shirts printed and sell them to raise funds.

3. Gather Sponsors and Sell Ad Space

There are so many businesses interested in marketing to high school students, from senior picture photographers to colleges. Let them purchase ad space in your school gym, stadium or cafeteria. Post a banner with their logo and name at the game, make a personalized poster to hang at lunch, or imprint their information on seat cushions to be sold in the school store. They get their message out and you reap the benefits!

4. Have a Parents' Night Out

If your school has an elementary or if you and your classmates have a lot of younger siblings, consider hosting a parents’ night out! Moms and dads can bring their children to the school for the evening and pay for you and your friends to watch them. Set up a flick in the gym or gather board games to play with the kids. You could also sell snacks like soda, candy and popcorn for a profit.

5. Host an Art Auction Online

The students in your school’s art classes do stellar work, don’t they? Perhaps some of them would like to sell their paintings and sculptures to raise money for a good cause. Host an online art auction! This can be done via your school’s website, Facebook or an online auction platform—just Google it! Rally a team to help take the pictures, write descriptions and set starting bid amounts. Make sure you advertise for the auction via email, the school’s website and social media. Pictures are important to get everyone excited and ready to buy!

6. Sell Candy Grams

Pick a holiday for students to buy candy grams for one another. For example, if it’s near Valentine’s Day, your classmates could write a note for a friend or significant other paired with a sweet treat and balloons to be delivered during homeroom or at the end of the school day. Ask the prom committee or student council to help pass out goodies.

7. Plan a Bake Sale

Chances are some of your classmates love to cook and would be happy to spend their time in the kitchen to raise money for prom! Have them make their best cookies, brownies and cupcakes. Then, host a bake sale as part of lunch or the big game. To take it one step further, you could sell the goodies in personalized tins that could be reused!

8. Sell Coffee and Donuts

Most people get their morning caffeine fix from a cup of brew, so sell coffee before school. You can even charge a little extra for a personalized travel mug they can keep and refill again and again. And what pairs best with this hot beverage? Doughnuts, of course! Purchase them from a local bakery or grocery store; ask if there are discounts for buying large quantities.

9. Auction Student Workers

Young, able-bodied students such as yourself could be great helpers for those in need of a hand. You and your classmates can be auctioned off for services such as yard work, painting or baby-sitting. You can work in groups for extra fun, too! Make a list of volunteers and advertise so families and community members can come for the auction ready to bid.

10. Have an Ice Cream Social

This is an event that everybody enjoys no matter the time of year! Stock up on several gallons of ice cream in a variety of flavors. Don’t forget toppings like sprinkles, nuts, cookie dough and chocolate fudge. Allow customers to choose what they’d like and charge a small fee. It’s a great opportunity for families to socialize and satisfy their sweet tooth.

11. Host a Dress-Down Day

Depending on your dress code, there may be things your school doesn’t allow students to wear on a typical day; however, they may be willing to make an exception for a fundraiser. Ask students to pay a dollar or two to sport a hat for the day, or to put on some comfy sweats for class. You’d be surprised how many will participate, and there’s no cost to organize this one!

12. Sell Spirit Items

Purchase bags, noisemakers, t-shirts, lanyards, flip flops, hats, foam fingers, seat cushions, sunglasses and wristbands in your school colors. Many options can be personalized with your school name, tagline, logo or mascot. These sell well at games or in the school store.

13. Host a Golf/Putt-Putt Tournament

This one’s a classic that most students and parents will enjoy. Invite families to come out for a day of golf or putt-putt and some friendly competition. Players can pay an entry fee and see how they do on the course. Provide a small prize for the winners.

14. Pie Staff in the Face

Plan an assembly where staff members, whether they be teachers, coaches or administrators, get pied in the face! Purchase around 10 pies for 10 people to keep it reasonably low cost. Then, have individuals pay a dollar to have their name entered to be the one to throw the pie. Students will eat this up!

15. Plan a Car Wash

This is another classic, perfect for the early fall or spring. Purchase some buckets, soap, scrubbing mitts and towels and gather volunteers. This can be done in the school parking lot or at major businesses—just ask first! You may need to make signs for students to flag down drivers. Charge a small fee to cover your costs and to make a little extra money for prom.

16. Host a Craft Bazaar

A craft show is great around the holidays, as so many people are looking for gifts. Have local crafters from the school or community pay a fee to have a booth or table in the school gym to sell their handiwork. This one’s a win-win!

17. Have a Karaoke Night

Host a night of singing to your faves in the school auditorium. No doubt you have some tech gurus and speakers from theatrical productions that you could use. Have students (and perhaps staff) sign up to participate. You could charge them a little to perform, and then you can sell tickets to students and their families. Create a panel of volunteer judges and make sure you have a small prize for the winner.

18. Sell Exercise Classes

Encourage friends and family to get active and have some fun. There is probably someone at the school or at home who can teach Zumba® or yoga on a few Saturday mornings in the school gym. Spread the word and then have everyone pay a few dollars per class.

19. Host a Rummage Sale

Chances are everyone at your school has some stuff at home they no longer wear or use. Have them bring it to the school gym for a fundraiser! Since the items are donated, you make all the profits from the sales. Students and parents can volunteer to help, and it will get the community in your doors, too.

20. Hire a Photographer for Portraits

Your school is probably buzzing with young photographers. Ask your artistic friends if they’d like to photograph families to help raise money for prom. If you don’t know anyone willing or able, check Facebook and reach out to photographers in your area. Put the word out to the school and watch the families stream in to buy snapshots.

While all these are great ideas, you still need to let everyone know about your fundraiser! Use banners, invitations, the p.a. system, social media, emails, the school website, flyers, posters and more. Gather your friends to brainstorm ideas, or check our website. Most of all, have fun! Have a fundraising idea you’d like to share? Send it to socialpr@shindigz.com and we may just feature you!