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Our Top 6 Prom Themes for 2020

Prom planning has officially started, meaning that it’s time to choose the theme and décor for this year’s prom. It can be tricky to select the perfect theme for your dance (after all, we do have hundreds to choose from), so we’ve selected a few of our favorite prom themes in different categories to help you choose the right one. Let’s get planning!

1. Miami Beach Vibes

If you want to a prom that’s full of bright lights and beach vibes, the perfect theme for you is Miami Beach Vibes. Full of color and palm trees, this new, Stumps exclusive theme is sure to make your space pop.

2. Night Around the World

If you want a prom full of culture and travel, the perfect theme for you is Night Around the World. From China to Paris to Egypt and beyond, embark on an international adventure that you’ll never forget.

3. Times Square

If you want to experience prom in the big city, the perfect theme for you is Night in Times Square. Dance the night away under the big city lights in Times Square, surrounded by skyscrapers, taxi cabs and other iconic NYC staples.

4. 1920’s Prom

If you want to travel back in time to the roaring twenties, the perfect theme for you is Party Like It's 1920. Grab your flapper dresses and jazz up your celebration with a 1920's event.

5. Springtime in Paris

If you want prom to be filled with romance and flowers, the perfect theme for you is Springtime in Paris. Floral accents paired with gold and pastel colored decor makes this theme a night to remember.

6. Hollywood Theme Prom

If you want to walk the red carpet for prom, the perfect theme for you is the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 3-2-1, party!

Looking for more prom decor ideas? Check out our full array of themes to find the perfect fit for you.