Add bright colors and a little crinkle to your event supplies with cellophane rolls. Each of our cellophane rolls can decorates sets, arches, or tables in your favorite color. Customers love our foil to create gift baskets and favors for their events.

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Crinkle cellophane and wrap pedestals and columns to add texture to your decorations. Cellophane is great for holiday decorations! Wrap your door with cellophane and use other Christmas theme decorations to bring the holiday cheer. Be romantic this Valentine's Day! Use pink or red cellophane as a table cover and decorate with die-cut hearts and hot pink plates and napkins. Transform your space for a Mardi Gras theme party with cellophane on the walls and then adding Mardi Gras decorations on top.

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Cellophane rolls add a bright color and texture to your event supplies, wrapping paper, flower arrangements and more!

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