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City Event Theme Invitations

City event invitations will get your guest excited about your upcoming city theme party. Our city theme invitations come in a range of beautiful styles to capture the type of city event you desire. Try our city skyline personalized invitation for a modern look that will have guests ready to dance in a New York minute.

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Party Themes / Most Popular Event Themes / City Event Theme / City Event Theme Invitations
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Set the tone for your city theme event with our personalized city theme invitations. City theme invitations come with photos and prints of skylines, stars, and busy streets, perfect for capturing the mood of a big city. Our exclusive NY State of Mind invitations features the Big Apple in a fun but elegant print. You can also design your own city invite with our custom city invitation. Whatever you choose, we'll professionally print your custom wording right on the invite. Stumps specializes in custom invitations for your formals, fundraisers, weddings, and other special occasions. With our Create-a Custom Invitations, you can create a totally custom invite including your own image and text. Shop all our event invitations for more great party and event ideas.

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City invitations invite guests to the bright lights and romantic skyline of a big city for your event. Create custom city theme invitations for your city prom!