18 in. to 9 ft. Pet Select-a-Size Photo Standee


Put your pet on display with a free-standing photo cutout of your furry friend!

A Select-a-Size Photo Standee so real everyone will think it’s actually your pet! Make one of these life-size photo cutouts to celebrate your furry friend for any occasion! The beauty of these standees is that you get to choose the size based on height, making them so realistic! Choose from three different types of material, as well as extras like a voice recorder or photo retouch to make your standee stand out!

Making a Select-a-Size Photo Standee is easy! Simply upload your photo, crop it, and make your selections:

  • Choose a Size: This one’s up to you!
  • Select a Material: Standard Cardboard, Indoor/Outdoor Corex, Deluxe Foam Core
  • Add Extras: Voice Recorder, Photo Retouch (includes red eye correction, blemish removal and teeth whitening)
    Please note:
  • Sizing may change based on image quality; however, prices are based on the chosen size.
  • Photos should be:
    • High-resolution and at least 1 MB in size
    • One of the following file types: JPG, PNG, GIF, or BMP
    • Well-lit with the subject of the photo in the front of the image
  • Depending on the size of your standee, it may come folded to reduce shipping cost.
  • Standees may require some of the photo background to be added at the base for stability.
  • We cannot reproduce registered, copyrighted, trademarked or professional images (unless a copyright release is submitted with a photographer, studio or artist's signature). We reserve the right to request a copyright release at any time, or to decline use of a photo. We will not crop, alter or color-manage any photographs for reproduction. Your photo will be used as submitted.
  • Stand is included. Easy assembly.

7 Business Day(s) Production Time plus Shipping