Candy Party Deluxe Set the Stage Kit

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Our Deluxe Set the Stage Candy Party Kit will make all your cupcake dreams and lollipop wishes come true.

Our Deluxe Candy Party Decorating Kit includes:
1 Sweet Candy Personalized Arch
1 Sweet Lollipop Set
1 Sweet Lollipop Stick Set
2 Sweet Lollipop Walkways
1 Giant Sweet Cupcake Set
1 Swirl Lollipop Octagon Column
1 Gumball Machine Standee
1 Short Lollipop Prop
1 Gumdrop Standee Set
1 Hot Pink Luminescent Column

Sweet Candy Personalized Arch Our personalized arch features bright colorful candy colors and a personalized sign trimmed with sweet lollipops and candies. Each personalized Sweet Candy Arch measures 9' tall x 10' 4" wide and is made from sturdy cardboard. Assembly required.
Sweet Lollipop Set Our free-standing lollipop prop set measures 5 to 6' high x 2' 4" wide and it's cardboard lollies are supported by a metal base. Assembly required.
Sweet Lollipop Stick Set Our sweet Lollipop Sticks are perfect for decorating aisle ways or lining your wall. Each one-sided free-standing lollipop measures 6' high x 1' wide and is made of cardboard and metal base. Assembly required.
Sweet Lollipop Walkway Our Sweet Lollipop Walkway features brightly colored - red, yellow, orange, white blue and green - cardboard disks with the look of old fashioned lollipops. Each one-sided sweet lollipop cutout comes in a set of six and measures 12" in diameter.
Giant Sweet Cupcake Our set of two free-standing cupcake standees measure 4' 7" high x 4' 4" wide and are made from sturdy cardboard. The Giant Cupcakes are easy to assemble; just attach the pre-cut stand and your ready to party. Easy assembly.
Swirl Lollipop Octagon Column Each one-of-a-kind Swirl Lollipop Octagon Column is made of cardboard and measures 7' 4" high x 10 1/2" wide. Easy assembly
Gumball Machine Standee . Each Gumball Machine Standee stands 3' 10" high x 1' 10" wide and is printed on cardboard. Easy assembly.
Gumdrop Standees Each 12" high x 8" wide Gumdrop Standee set includes one each of red, orange, yellow, green, and purple gumdrops. Easy assembly. Hot Pink Luminescent Column The Hot Pink Modern Luminescent Column has a lightweight metal frame with a soft elastic hot pink fabric. This marvelous hot pink fabric column measures 8' high x 2' in diameter. Assembly required.
Gumdrop Standee These Gum Drop Standees are free-standing cardboard props that measure approximately 12" high x 8" wide. You'll receive one each - red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Easy assembly.
Short Lollipop Prop Each Short Lollipop Prop is made of cardboard and measures 6' high x 3' wide. Easy assembly.

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