Crowning homecoming court, prom king and queen, or just looking to celebrate someone royal in your life? Stumps Party has the selection you need to find the perfect crown for your occasion. You’ll find gold crowns, jeweled crowns, sparkling tiaras and more! We offer great packages for homecoming or prom king and queen crown sets to make your planning a little easier.

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Shopping for king and queen's crowns is a fun way to honor a long-standing tradition that takes place all throughout the country. Students of all ages enjoy the excitement of dressing up in fine attire, casting votes for their fellow students, and enjoying the celebration of crowning a new king and queen. Since Stumps Party carries crowns in many different colors, you can choose a crown that matches school colors or matches the event theme. Some of the popular and regal options include the Metallic Black with Gold Trim Crown and the White and Silver Velvet Royal King’s crown.

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As you plan your school’s prom or homecoming event, consider the style of crowns you would like to get for your king and queen. King's crowns typically have a rounded shape, covered with satin material and trimmed with flashy elements that help the king feel honored. At Stumps Party, you can buy a crown in just about any color, including metallic red, black, blue, purple, silver, green, and gold.

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The Black and Gold Sparkling Brilliance Combo features stunning rhinestones, gold trim and faux fur. Each Black and Gold Trimmed Royalty Set includes one 1 3/4" Dream Catcher Tiara made of metal and rhinestones and one 5 1/2" high x 9" wide Metallic Royal Crown. This royalty set is a ...
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Wear this Black and Silver Coronation Crown with pride! The Black and Silver Velvet King's Crown measures 5 1/2" high and includes floral jeweled accents surrounding the velvet exterior and is trimmed with a faux fur. The soft interior lining makes this a comfy crown that your King or Prince ...
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Our Purple and Gold Regal Royalty Combo will give your King and Queen a rich look with our purple velvet crown with gold star trim and a silver attendant's tiara. The metal Silver Attendant Tiara stands 1 1/2" high in the center and the Purple/Gold Regal Velvet Crown measures 6" ...
This Black and Gold Velvet Royal Kings Crown ...
This Black and Gold Velvet Royal Kings Crown will make your crowning moment shine! Sequined spires adorn our sturdy 6" aluminum crown. The fully lined crown is topped with a plush black velvet cap and is trimmed in white faux fur. This is the perfect crown for your special event ...