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Occasions that Call for Custom Cutouts

Custom cutouts are fun and exciting decorations that can be incorporated with any party. If you are not sure which types of parties call for a life-size standee, here are 7 of the hundreds of reasons to place an order for your party.

    1. Senior night is just around the corner, and each senior will love having a life-size standee or big head cutout in his or her uniform to celebrate. Seniors will have a blast taking pictures with their standees, and it will be much more original than using posters to celebrate their last year of sports, music, or cheering before graduation.
    2. If you are hosting a corporate event, create a cutout of the CEO or founder of your company dressed to match the party theme. Guests will love posing by this fun standee with their co-workers.
    3. Every graduation celebration needs a life-size cutout of the graduate. Have your grad pose in his or her cap and gown with a diploma in hand, and make it into a standee for the perfect graduation party decoration.
    4. Standees can include more than one person, which means they are great for engagement and anniversary parties. Take a photo of your favorite lovebirds and upload it to create a cutout .
    5. Weddings are the perfect celebration to use a custom cutout. Have the bride put on her dress and the groom his tux and take pictures of each of them separately. Then, crop the two photos together and turn them into a standee. Guests will be asking how you possibly had the time to turn your wedding pictures into a standee before there was even a wedding!
    6. A large standee of the school’s mascot is perfect for spirit week or the big homecoming football game. Students, teachers and parents alike will enjoy taking pictures with a massive mascot standee, and it can be stored and used again the following year.
    7. Do you want to support your favorite player during a big game? Make a custom big head or standee of him or her to let the crowd know who you are rooting for.

And that’s not all! Standees are a great idea for any celebration. If you have an event in mind but need help selecting the perfect picture to use, check out our tips for selecting the ideal image for your life-size standee or big head.

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