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Disco 70's Event Theme Invitations

Disco event invitations get guests ready to get down. Choose from our retro and classy disco theme invitations to find a style to suit your event. Try the Disco Ball personalized invitation for a fun disco themed dance or fundraiser. You can also create your own invitation including your own images.

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Party Themes / Decade Event Themes / 1970's Event Theme / Disco 70's Event Theme Invitations
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Personalized disco theme invitations from stumps feature your personalized wording professionally printed on our unique disco designs. Invite guests to a disco theme party or formal with the funky text of the disco vertical invitation. It also features a mirror ball picture to enhance the theme. Stumps specializes in custom invitations for your formals, fundraisers, weddings, and other special occasions. With our Create-a Custom Invitations, you can create a totally custom invite including your own image and text. Shop all our event invitations for more great party and event ideas.

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Take guests back in time for a disco theme party with personalized disco event invitations. Our disco invitations feature bold disco prints and your wording.