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Fun Ways to Reuse Prom Decor

Prom was a hit, and now you have a ton of fabulous decorations you can repurpose for other school events! Your décor is an investment that can be used again and again, so breathe new life into all those props, lights, centerpieces and fabrics!

Put your Prom décor to work all year long for the:

How? Here are some ideas for you:


  • Fill with candy as part of the candy buffet
  • Use to collect tickets
  • Add flowers or floating candles for a centerpiece


  • Wash and reuse on tables
  • Repurpose as a photo booth backdrop


  • Use as table decorations with pictures of a school team, club, class or individual
  • Sell for a fundraiser
  • Give away as prizes


  • Place at any room or building entrance, changing the colors for the event/time of year
  • Use as a tunnel for welcoming the team or guests of honor


  • Swag like bunting above lockers
  • Create a stage skirt
  • Drape over an adjustable frame to create an appealing backdrop
  • Cover unsightly walls
  • Bunch on the floor to create rolling water or billowy clouds for a focal point
  • Use as a tablecloth
  • Hang from the ceiling to create a tent effect


  • Lay on the stage to guide awardees
  • Lead students to the event or main room
  • Use as a divider between the areas of a venue/room


  • Create table runners
  • Cover parade float items
  • Use as a photo background
  • Cut for an aisle runner


  • Accent the sides of a stage
  • Swag fabric across a pair of columns to create an arch for an entrance
  • Line a walkway


  • Hang over a doorway
  • Create a photo background


  • Paint for a poster
  • Line a wall for a backdrop
  • Lay on the floor to create a walking path or road


  • Make a photo booth area
  • Offset the dessert/drink table
  • Stand at the entrance to the event
  • Set a scene on the stage or behind the podium


  • Use for a reception after an event
  • Place on tables as a colorful appetizer
  • Fill favor bags or boxes with candy and give away as a gift


  • Use these as a segue between different areas at a venue
  • Mix and match with garlands, fabric and flowers for a different look
  • Place at any entryway or photo spot


  • Wrap around a column or arch
  • Layer with sheer fabric for added dimension
  • Line a walking path
  • Swag over top of a photo booth background

Reusing your prom decor will save you both time and money, making your school administrators very happy! Get creative and have fun! For more ideas, check out our website or blog. Happy decorating!

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