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Glow Event Theme

Fantastic for an elegant prom or fun for a backyard barbecue that extends on into the evening, a glow-in-the-dark party with supplies from Stumps is a great way to pull off a great look without being tied to a strict theme or setting. Though black lights probably will make you think of a 70s disco party, there are so many more ways to glow today than there were back then. One of our favorites is the LED cube, a foot of stackable gleaming light that’s fantastic for positioning at an entrance or at the corners of a dance floor. LED trees, available in several colors, also give off a gentle glow you won’t get from a regular bulb. Light-up LED drink ware is the obvious favor, both for lighting up the table decor at the party and for inspiring warm memories long after the event.

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Party Themes / Unique Event Themes / Glow Event Theme
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Our Night Lights theme party kit gives planners a great start on decorating a big venue. The kit includes six major pieces, four of which can easily be reused for a future prom or party. The arch is created with brilliant swirls and colorful stars, a design that practically begs decorators to position bouquets made from glow-in-the-dark latex balloons and gleaming Mylar stars around the room. Supplement the kit with 7 foot by 3 foot glow panels that are neon green, yellow and pink under regular light and bluish under black light. Piece several together – three different patterns are available - to create a photo background or backdrop for the head table. We also carry glow columns to continue the decorating theme around the room.

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Shop Stumps for an amazing array of LED lights, black lights and fluorescent decorations that are perfect for setting the scene at a glow in the dark party.