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How to Promote Prom and Boost Attendance

Your prom theme is chosen, the venue is set, and now it’s time to get the word out. This is the event you and your friends have been waiting for all year, so advertise and build excitement early and often! Here are some ways to let everyone know when and where.

1. Send Designer Invites

These will go in scrapbooks and keepsake boxes for years to come! Choose from hundreds of designs based on your theme, whether it’s masquerade, fairytale or Hollywood. Or, create your own invite! Include all the essentials like the name of your prom, the date, the place, the time and RSVP information.

2. Hang Posters and Banners

Create eye-catching posters and banners to hang in the school hallways. There are so many designs for any theme, or you can make one yourself. Keep it brief so students passing by can quickly read when and where, and get an idea of the motif of the night.

3. Post on the School Website

Ask if you can put an announcement on the school website regarding prom. Most schools have a place for this on the home page. If possible, use a graphic or picture to get everyone’s attention. Include a link to an RSVP page or to your prom committee’s email so students can directly let you know if they’re coming.

4. Send Emails

Chances are you and your classmates have a school email account you check regularly. Try sending an email invite. Be sure to include the date, time, place and RSVP deadline. See if you can design it around your theme, depending on the capabilities of your school’s platform. If you need help, check with a teacher or a student skilled in graphic design.

5. Make an Announcement

Whenever your school makes announcements, whether it be on TV or over the P.A. system, ask if you can snag a spot to highlight the prom. Let everyone know when and where as well as how to RSVP. You may want to do this several weeks in a row as a reminder. If your school does TV announcements, perhaps a short skit would get the word out in a fun way!

6. Post on Social Media

You and your classmates are always on social media, so spread the word on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! Be sure to ask an administrator or your prom advisor ahead of time. You may also want to schedule reminder posts or posts to build suspense. Videos and other graphics are always a hit! Another idea would be to create an event page on Facebook so everyone can see who’s coming!

These ideas will not only create a buzz, but they’re sure to boost attendance. Have fun with it, and get the whole committee involved! For more prom ideas, check our website and our blog.

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