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Luau Personalized Banners

Whether you’re going for a beach theme, a tropical flowers vibe, a Hawaiian nights look, or a retro beach party motif, Stumps Party has all the luau posters and party supplies you need. Personalize these banners with a fun message or a name. Use the luau party banner for the opening of your commercial or at home bar. Show off your patio renovation with a barbeque luau. Grill pineapples and let our totally tiki personalize banner hang above your buffet. Print out your party menu on one of our vertical banners so friends know what to look forward to. Mix up your decorations with different floral, tiki, and palm tree prints.

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Party Themes / Most Popular Event Themes / Luau Event Theme / Luau Personalized Banners
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Choose a Luau themed prom or homecoming to let everyone escape to paradise. A romantic sunset theme lets guests feel they’re on a tropical beach dancing around a bonfire. A tiki theme is more playful and allows guests to throw to have fun and dance silly. Be sure to greet them at the entrance with leis and an Aloha banner. Get everyone excited for the dance by selling tickets under a Beach party personalized banner. Every luau banner at Stumps Party will set the perfect mood for your tropical party. You’ll have a blast streaming flower decorations around the room and embracing true Hawaiian culture during the party.

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Click here and decorate your next fun event with luau banners, signs, and posters from Stumps to help your guests relax in paradise.