Your mascot is the life of the party, so make sure it has all the mascot accessories needed to ensure a good time. For the smaller wearer of the mascot costume, add some fat padding to bulk up. Take into consideration that donning a costume while entertaining a crowd of people for a few hours can end up being a hot job. That’s where you’ll need mascot items to keep you cool, like a fan to mount in the costume’s head or even a cooling vest. It’s easy to find the mascot accessories you need at the best prices when you shop Stumps.

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Get the crowd on its feet with Stumps’ mascot props. Use red unimprinted megaphone to get people cheering as your team surges toward victory. Add some fun to the evening’s events as you give the audience a good laugh by accessorizing your mascot with a blinking clown nose. And while your mascot is busy engaging with the crowd, let everyone know who else is on the entertainment team by coordinating outfits with paw-print tie-dyed t-shirts. These shirts will identify your mascot’s helpers, making it easy to aid in costume prep, control the crowd and rope off photo areas. Mascot costume accessories from Stumps make every school event more fun.

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Whether or not your school has an official symbol, adding some new mascot ideas to existing traditions can quickly and easily liven up any spirit event. A mascot can be a great way to get the spectators on their feet. During the halftime show, entertain the audience with a mascot skit. Have the person in the coyote mascot chase the roadrunner around the gym and through the bleachers.

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