Pom Poms

Whether they're for a middle school game or a university homecoming, pom poms are a universal sign of school spirit. Cheer from the stands or the sidelines and show your support for your team with pom poms from Stumps Party. Available in every color, you're sure to find them in your school's colors. Metallic pom poms come in a flexible or stick handle and add shimmer to the stadium, in gold, red, black, multi-colored, and more! Get boosters involved with promotional pom poms that have a customizable handle.

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Stumps Party carries wholesale pom poms for the entire student body to show their school spirit, and show their unity in team support. Buying in bulk is the best way to get a large amount, fitting both your needs and your budget. Don’t forget the Cheerleader Poms to ensure they are game-day ready and look like a team. Is your next game in just a few days? We have a whole collection of pom supplies in a rainbow of colors that are ready to ship, available for quick delivery to get them there when you need them.

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Support your team and show your school spirit with pom poms from Stumps Party. Available in tons of colors and designs, click to shop today!

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