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Prom Color Ideas: Choosing the Right Theme

Venue? Reserved. Date? Confirmed. Colors? Chosen. Theme?... Questionable.

Don’t worry we are here to help.

Themes can be challenging to come up with as there is an endless sea of possibilities to choose from. There is everything from classic Under the Stars to the more playful Carnival. However, many of these can be chosen through the colors you already picked out. Just think about two important points as you trot down the path of possible themes: 1.) Is there a logical theme that goes with the colors you have already chosen, and 2.) Are the colors and themes popular enough to have optimal options for décor?

Here are some of the most popular color schemes and the themes that match them best.

Black: Make a Bold Statement

One of the most popular colors we see in proms today is black. It’s a strong, bold, neutral that can be paired with almost any accent color to give the prom more depth. However, depending on the color that you pair with black, it will drastically change the feel and available themes for your prom.

Take gold for instance. When you pair black with a bright metallic like gold, you get a glamorous impression that goes well with Hollywood and Springtime in Paris themes. However, if you change the gold to a silver color you get a more sophisticated look that goes well with our Silver Rush or Diamond themes. You can also add a third accent color to change the feel even more. If you add red to a black and gold mix it creates a mysterious and romantic ambiance that complements our Masquerade and Casino themes.

Jewel Tones: Create a World of Wonder

Other popular color schemes include different jewel tones together, especially blues and greens. These allow you to create whimsical themes that transport your prom guests to a world of wonder and magic. The blues and greens come with a natural, elegant impact. These are great when you are using an Under the Sea or Wizard of Oz theme.

However, if you add other jewel-tone colors, such as deep purples and gold, you create a new ambiance that feels more royal and magnificent. This is a common color scheme for an Arabian theme.

Neon: Add a Pop of Color

You can also take colors to the extremes by creating a prom theme around bright neon colors or soft pastels. Both create totally different, but ultimately fun looks. Neon tones are especially great for adding bright features to your theme and creating unique designs. Their loud presence creates the perfect ambiance for themes like Hasbro Game Night or a Glow Party.

Pastels take a softer approach, but still, create a fun feel to your event. Because of their faded look, they can create a muted fairytale look that’s great for themes like the 1950s or Candy Land.

Picking the perfect theme for your prom can seem overwhelming, but if you’ve already chosen the colors then you should be able to find a theme that fits them. Check out all our themes and discover the endless possibilities we provide to allow you to plan and execute the perfect prom for your school.

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