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Prom Decorating Ideas

Excitement is building as students wait for their chance to dazzle. There’s a lot to consider, and you want to create a prom that’s everything your classmates imagined and more. We’re here to help! The best part is, your decorations will look amazing, but all the work will be fun! Let’s get started!

Make an Entrance

It’s not every day students show up looking this sharp. Decorate the entryway with an arch; personalize one that fits your event, or go the traditional route with fabric and light-up arches. Add a banner to welcome everyone to the dance party. Customize it for your theme. Finish the look with an aisle runner on the floor and watch them make an entrance. If your school is voting for king and queen once they arrive, be sure to decorate the voting table to be on-theme, as well. Students are sure to be feeling good and ready to dance the night away!

Set the Table for Success

Whether you’re having a full dinner as part of prom, or you’re serving drinks and snacks, the table décor needs to add personality and fun to your evening. Start with a fabric table cover that fits your color scheme. Solids are best if you plan to embellish. Next, layer with an overlay, personalized table top-it and/or table runner for more texture and pattern—make those tables pop! Top it off with a centerpiece; just be sure to check with the venue before using candles, or go flameless. We offer a variety of centerpieces from mirrors and vases to unique decorations like castles, stars, movie reels and Eiffel Towers. Go ahead. Be bold.

Add Some Cheer to Chairs

Your tables look great, but what about the chairs? Show them some love too! If they need a complete makeover, try chair covers! Much like layering tables, add stylish chair bands or chair sashes in a complementary color. An alternative to these might be draping a floral garland over the backs of the chairs for a more whimsical look. Finally, the finishing touch is a black or white flower. Voila! Your guests will gladly take a seat.

Make Your Walls Talk

If your venue walls could talk, what would they say? Not much? Then let’s speak life into them! Walls are often forgotten, but decorating them is the key to transforming your space and giving it that "wow factor". Fabric is a fast and easy fix; attach it to the top of your walls with tape or staples. Cut off any excess or allow it to pool on the floor. Gossamer is an affordable fiber, with so many color and pattern options that can be layered for different effects. Attaching murals or backgrounds to walls can help set the scene—everything from cityscapes to palm tree paradises. Finish with some sparkle! Layer with string lights and metallic curtains. Now these walls have something to say!

Don't Forget to Look Up

The ceiling can set the mood, so do it up, especially over the dance floor! Fabric is your friend here as well. Tent it from the ceiling to showcase an exquisite chandelier. Or, drape it over wire in swags to create waves. Tack light strands from one end of the room to another, or all to the center; allow them to hang down slightly for dimension. Put up the final touches with budget-friendly paper fans, lanterns and poms. Now it’s time to raise the roof with some music and celebrating!

Fill in the Floor

Aside from the use of an aisle runner from the entryway to the main area, you’ll need to think about how you’d like to section off the room. Make a map and consider creating spaces for a photo booth, sitting area, DJ, dance floor, snacks and drinks, coronation, etc. You may also want a spot for the main focal point, like an Eiffel Tower or giant clapboard. Use large party props, fabric frames and additional aisle runners to denote the different areas. Consider purchasing items like lamp posts, columns and trees. Rather than choosing from a large menu of options, maybe it would be easier to get a theme kit. Each set includes large, coordinated props for motifs like Hollywood, masquerade and Paris. Gather your prom committee to help with assembly—make a night of it and order pizza! You’re all set for professional-looking décor!

Bedazzle the Bathrooms

Yes, even the restrooms should be on-theme. The ladies will spend a lot of time in here primping and chatting, and the gentlemen may need a break from busting a move. Decorate the doorway with curtain string lights. Set a few lanterns on the counter by the sinks, as well as on the backs of toilets; don’t forget to add the candles! Wrap the stall doors with a band of fabric; gather the centers in a bundle and add a black or white flower. Place chargers on the counter with items students may need to freshen up, like mouth wash, body spray and breath mints. Finally, create signs for the inside of stall doors with phrases like "You look great!" and "Dance like no one’s watching!"

End with a Photo Finish

Sure, there will be staged pictures of couples, but no celebration is complete without a photo booth! Decorating this space is similar to what you’ve read above. Use fabric, murals or backgrounds as a backdrop. Another low-budget option would be flat paper, or make it metallic with curtains. Layer in some free-standing decorations or hanging décor, if you wish. Now for the best part: props! Have guests hold up mustaches, glasses, hats and custom chalkboards for fun and laughs. Set a banner on a stand next to the booth to let the students know what hashtag to use, because you know they will instantly post on social media! This is bound to be one of the most memorable parts of prom!

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