Prom Fabrics

Enhance the magical feel of your school’s prom or formal party with the effortless and affordable elegance of prom fabrics from Stumps. Special Occasion fabric material can be purchased for a wide variety of budgets, and the various colors and textures available make prom fabric a great choice for adding extra elegance to the prom. Sheer prom fabrics make excellent draped wall, window, or ceiling covers that can transform a large area with minimal time, effort and money. Prom fabric is great way to dramatically convert the look of a gymnasium or multi-purpose room to make it extra special for prom. Special occasion fabric from Stumps can also add beautiful texture and color to tables or around arches, helping your otherwise plain room elements fit seamlessly with your theme, without blowing your budget.

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Fabrics are an essential part of decorating for prom. With gossamer, you can drape and bunch it to create texture and distract from unsightly aspects of your venue in a cost-effective way. Shimmera is great for creating table skirts, curtains and photo backgrounds because of its light weight and translucent qualities. Looking for something more luxurious, satin is sure to do the trick and create a rich prom experience.