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Prom Grand March Tips & Decor

Grand March is an opening ceremony for prom in which couples or groups walk a "runway" to build excitement and let everyone see them all dressed up for the big dance. Think of it as a fashion show, or the introduction of the wedding party at a reception. This traditional march is the perfect opportunity for friends, family, teachers and school staff to share the prom experience with you! Here are some tips and décor ideas to get everyone pumped for this pre-prom celebration.


  • Host this event several hours before the dance so students and families don’t feel rushed
  • Hold the Grand March at the school, your prom venue or a local park
  • Advertise the march with banners, posters, flyers, the school website and social media
  • Sell tickets for the ceremony to help raise money for next year’s prom
  • Make a sign-up sheet so you have an accurate list of students/couples who would like to participate
  • Ask a classmate, teacher or parent to be the emcee for the Grand March so they can announce couples and groups
  • Decorate for the Grand March based on your prom theme


Once the march is over and the family goes home, then it’s time for the dancing to begin!

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