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Prom Planning Guide: How to Plan the Perfect Prom

Prom season is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to start planning! With prom being only a few months away, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to help make your prom planning easier than ever.

Pick Your Perfect Theme

There are so many themes to choose from and finding where to start is tough. Whether you’re wanting a destination experience or to travel to a different decade, Stumps Party has the perfect theme for you. Here’s a few of our new, on-trend themes to help get you started:

Prom-planning tip: have the prom committee pick their favorite themes and get the students involved by letting them vote for their theme of choice during their lunch hour!

Customize On-Theme Invitations

Get your school excited for prom by having memorable, personalized invitations. Customized to your school, these tickets match with any theme and will be the perfect invite to get the party started.

Add On Touches of Decor

There are always additional pieces of decor that will make your space pop. Whether you use gossamer to cover a drab wall or decorate with balloons for an added touch at the food table, incorporating these extra pieces won’t go unnoticed.

Prom-planning tip: gossamer is a versatile fabric that’s used for many things. Try it as a chair sash, photo background, table runner or even a ceiling cover!

Create Picture Perfect Photo Ops

Having a spectacular photo booth that fits your prom theme is the key to a successful night. Students love taking photos together to create memories that will last forever. Whether you’re looking for a background, curtains, or a photo stand-in, we’ve got exactly what you need. Plus, we have a wide assortment of photo props to keep the fun going!

Crown Your Royalty

Tally the votes - it’s time to announce the prom king and queen! Choose the perfect crown and tiara or a combo of the two for the perfect pairing. Don't forget to give out sashes to the prom court to make the night extra special for the guests of honor.

Prom-planning tip: crown your royalty in the middle of the night so the king and queen can wear their crown and tiara throughout the rest of the evening.

Send Your Guests Off with a Favor

There’s no better way to end the night than with a prom favor. Ready to ship and personalized for you, prom favors are an easy way to make your memories last forever. Needing some trendy 2020 favor ideas? Here’s a few of our picks that are hot this upcoming prom season:

1. Key Chains - Take it with you everywhere you go!

2. Swag Bags - Pack it with your favorite things so there’s something for everyone.

3. Electronic Favors - Headphones, card holders, phone stands and more!

4. Personalized Candy - Match your decor with candy of your choosing.

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