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Prom Proposal Ideas

The prom ask is now an extravagant proposal and you need to step it up for that special guy or gal. With these simple but stunning ideas, you’re sure to hear "Yes!" as the answer to your promposal.

Say It on the Stairs

As students are finishing at their lockers for the day and heading home, prepare to make your move. Create a vertical banner that says "PROM?" and hold it from the top of a staircase at school when your date-to-be is coming down the steps. Add a photo of him or her to the banner, and customize a border to fit your school’s prom theme.

Get Your Guy or Gal Pumped for Prom

Pop the question with letter balloons that spell PROM. String them together end-to-end and hold or hang them. You could do this inside or outside--just make sure it’s not too windy. Scatter other balloons on the floor or ground to add to the effect; mix together different colors, prints and sheens.

Make Someone’s Fairy Tale Come True

If your date is a romantic, win him or her over with a prom proposal that’s sure to have you dancing happily ever after. Customize a fairytale banner with a phrase like "Will You Be My Prom Princess?" or "Will You Be My Prom Prince?" You can also add other details like your school’s name and the date. Either hold this banner, stick it on a wall or put it on his or her garage door. Seal the deal by having a tiara or crown on-hand.

Show Him or Her Your Heart

Red hearts aren’t just for Valentine’s Day. Personalize a light-up heart standee with your own text like "Prom?" To add to the ambience, save this promposal for your front porch at dusk. You can even scatter rose petals around the sign, or as a path leading to your sign. Finish off the heart motif by holding red heart balloons when you make the ask.

Light up His or Her Night

There’s nothing like pretty white lights outside at night. Decorate an area outdoors with fairy berries strung along trees, bushes or the outline of a porch or patio. Next, add PROM light-up letters where you’ll be standing. Now you need to light a pathway for him or her to find you. Use a series of flameless tea lights. Call or text them a hint to find you and stand at the end of the path to propose.

Use an Everyday Item to Secure a Date

Purchase a white poster board and paint to create a hanging sign that says "Don’t let me go solo to…". Then, get a set of plastic cups to spell "PROM" on the ground. Depending on how he or she gets home from school, get creative with where you make this prom proposal. Drive? Use their garage door and driveway. Walk? Use a fence and sidewalk. Bus? Use the side of the bus and pavement—just ask the driver first!

Go Sweet with a Candy Proposal

What could be sweeter than a promposal made of candy? This one’s colorful and clever! Make a bouquet of Dum Dum suckers by poking them in a foam ball. Set the ball on top of a vase filled with Smarties. Add a ribbon to the vase and finish with a note that says "Be a Smartie and take this Dum Dum to prom!". Any "smartie" would say yes!

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