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Start building excitement and set your theme with creative prom invitations from Stumps Party. Our complete line of professionally designed invitations is both elegant and affordable – some fall to under a dollar with bulk orders. You’ll find both horizontal and vertical invitations. There’s the occasional circular design as well, such as the film canister invitation that’s part of our Hollywood prom theme collection. From fairytale carriages to masks, you’ll find unique shapes too. Regardless of their dimensions, all invitations come with white envelopes for mailing or distribution, and many designs have matching tickets. Budget-minded prom planning committees can save money by skipping invitations and having students pick up tickets at school. Tickets also are an easy way for chaperones to check guests at the door on prom night.

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Can’t find an invitation you love? Then find excited young artists and present them with the challenge of creating a custom prom invitation with a look unique to your school. It’s easy to do with our online system that lets you customize images, text and background, and all for the same super-low cost of our pre-designed invitations. Your students will love seeing a classmate’s work, and the artist will have a valuable portfolio piece. At Stumps Party, we make it just as easy for you to carry your truly custom theme throughout your prom as we do for you to coordinate items using one of our designs. You can use the same artwork that appeared on the invitation to create custom prom favors, from mint tins to travel mugs.

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Prom guests will love tickets they can keep as a memento of their special night. Personalize prom tickets to fit almost any theme.