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Retro 60's Event Theme Candy

Tell guests you hope they had a rad time with our themed personalized retro candy bars from Stumps Party. These full-size bars are created with 1. 5 ounces of milk chocolate, milk chocolate crisp or dark chocolate. It’s your choice, and we also sell wrappers only for those dealing with food allergy issues so you can use your own chocolate bar. Start with one of our groovy retro designs featuring peace signs, hearts and psychedelic colors. Not seeing anything you dig? No need to be bummed because you can still create a far out favor with a custom candy bar wrapper. Simply hit the “personalize” button and point and click your way to a design that’s perfect for your theme. Play with the font, the colors, the background and the image. It’s all up to you.

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Party Themes / Decade Event Themes / 1960's Event Theme / Retro 60's Event Theme Candy
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You’ll find almost as many reasons to turn to our retro candy bars as there were protests in the 60s. They’re funky favors or place settings for a retro themed party or prom. With our great prices, the personalized retro candy bars also are great money-makers, whether you’re trying to raise money for the prom or for a local production of “Jesus Christ Superstar. ” Order in bulk and you can create an affordable price point that still ensures a great profit. The custom candy bars also are a sly jab and a sweet gesture to celebrate a milestone birthday for a vintage child of the 60s. Include a throw-back picture on the label. Take them to the office and distribute to co-workers of the birthday boy or girl who’d tried to keep the upcoming event on the down low.

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Celebrate peace, love and flowers with personalized retro candy bars from Stumps Party. The custom milk chocolate bar makes a great fund-raiser or favor.