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Tips and Tricks for Making a Custom Cutout

We want your custom cutout to be beautiful and ready for your party when you receive it! We will do our best with any photo you upload, but there are some photos that turn out better than others. Here are 7 tips on how to select an image for your standee or big head so that your cutouts turn out even better than you expect.

    1. Take a photo with a high resolution. Resolution refers to the number of pixels per inch within a photo. When printed on a larger canvas, photos with less pixels look grainy. Camera phones can cause this to happen, because most camera phones do not have a high resolution setting.
    2. Look for a photo that is in good condition. Older photographs scanned into a computer may not look good as a standee. Check to make sure your photos have not faded, are no less than 1 MB in size and are well lit.
    3. Pick a picture that you love and will be happy you made into a custom cutout. Avoid childhood pictures you hope your Mom puts in the back of the family scrapbook and anything you don’t want people to take pictures with and post online.
    4.Even if you're in the picture, professional photographers own the rights to their photos. So, they must give their consent for you to make their photograph into a standee. We cannot print anything that is trademarked or copyrighted. If you would like to use a professional photo, you will need to talk to the photographer and have them sign a release form.
    5.The subject of your standee needs to be the main subject of your picture. Photos taken far away are not ideal for a standee. You may have a photo of your favorite rock star, but if it was taken at a crowded concert, it won’t turn into a quality standee.
    6. Two people can be included in one standee. This may be important to know if you are celebrating an engagement, anniversary or two friends who share a birthday. Feature all the guests of honor in your custom cutout.
    7. Edit your photo to make sure it meets your standards. After you upload your photo, we have you crop it to make sure it is done right. Make sure you spend some time on this step so we know exactly how to print your photo.

It is that simple to pick a photo for your custom cutout. If you would like to create a standee but you’re not sure what event you should create one for, check out our list of perfect reasons to order a life-size standee.

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