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Set the Stage for Prom Coronation

The crowning of the king and queen is a BIG moment at prom. Get ready to set the stage for a stunning ceremony!

Start with the Backdrop

First, choose a backdrop that fits your theme. Fabric adds a touch of sophistication and is so easy to dress up -- without taking away from the court. Get started with a backdrop board, fabric background frame or adjustable fabric frame. Fabric can be attached using wire, tape and staples. Use one type of material, or mix and match for more appeal. Here are some ideas: layer gossamer to intensify color; use a sheer fabric, like chiffon, backlit by curtain string lights; swag satin to create a valance; hang a coordinating color fabric along the sides of the frame and tie back with ribbon or scrap fabric to make curtains. Floral sheeting, balloon walls, murals and metallic curtains also make good alternatives to fabrics. If you’re wanting to add props to the stage, try keeping it simple with the background décor.

Add Stage Props

The next step is to add any large props. Start with an arch or set of columns for the court to walk through as they enter the stage. Some arches can be personalized with your high school, prom tagline and year. Choose from themed arches and columns for Paris, Hollywood, the 20s, fairytale and more! Layer in standees, lamp posts and trees. Or, make it easy by purchasing a complete kit with all the decorating essentials. You may need a table on stage, as well, for the sashes, crowns, etc. Decorate this with a coordinating table cover and perhaps an exquisite centerpiece like a candelabra. Don’t forget to leave room on the stage for your whole court and a set of thrones for the king and queen!

Complete with a Few Embellishments

Time to add the finishing touches! The floor could use some love, so spruce it up with an aisle runner in white, red, black or purple for the arrival of your prom royalty; this can be reused year-after-year. Sprinkle with silk rose petals for an added romantic effect. Balloons also make for an affordable pop of color; scatter them around the stage floor or fill them with helium to line the walkway.

The only thing left to do is purchase royalty accessories for the court, king and queen. Let the coronation begin!

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