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prom theme ideas

10 Great Themes for Prom

By Stumps Party | March 22, 2017

Choosing a theme for prom is the first and most important step of prom planning. This decision will direct and guide the rest of your planning decisions.

floral sheeting decorations

13 Creative Uses for Floral Sheeting

By Stumps Party | March 20, 2017

Floral Sheeting is best known for its use in decorating parade floats, but savvy event planners know it works even better to decorate for events of all varieties.

Tradeshow Giveaway Ideas

Tradeshow Giveaway Ideas

By Stumps Party | August 2, 2016

Whether you're setting up at a trade show or finding the perfect holiday gift for your employees, these branded promotional items are sure to be a big hit and will encourage everyone to boast your brand while they're out and about.

Senior Night Gift Ideas

12 Gift Ideas for Senior Night


Schools across the country are celebrating their senior athletes in various sports, like volleyball, soccer…