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Stunning Prom Centerpiece Ideas

Great proms start with great décor. When gathering decorating ideas for prom, don’t forget to add tableware to your list! Centerpieces are eye-catching focal points plus an excellent opportunity to tie together your theme. Give your table a much-needed upgrade with these centerpiece ideas.

We love a strong centerpiece! Once you’ve chosen your theme, finding a unique and stylish centerpiece is only a click away. The Eiffel Tower centerpiece is a unique, long-lasting centerpiece that is easy to store and use again and again. It comes in gold and black and is paired beautifully with black tablecloths, paper fans and gold plates. Looking for something romantic? A golden carriage or rustic lantern sets the scene for a dreamy night of whimsy with your prom date. Or keep it light and fun with casino or starry night centerpieces. Find all of these and hundreds more centerpiece options at Stumps Party!

Candles are a great way to set the mood for a romantic and elegant evening. Add tealights around the centerpiece for an easy upgrade. Looking for a centerpiece/candle combo? Fill glass vases with water and float candles on top – a great way to use lighted candles. Worried about setting the tablecloth on fire? LED candles make a great compromise for prom planners balancing elegance and safety. So shine a light on your prom décor and wow your guests with a candlelit display.

Table accents add an updated look to your on-theme table décor. We love these options that add color, dimension and light to your venue. For a black and white theme, add "party" marque letters to your table – they light up and add an element of fun to the night! We also love the idea of adding Fairy Berries to glass vases. Fill them with clear beads or marbles and add in a few Fairy Berries for a cute lighted accent to the table. They come in several sizes and colors. Looking for a large and bold accent? White Glittered Birch Branches are an excellent addition to the table – place them in a vase on every other table for an eye-catching, elegant upgrade.

Confetti is the tried and true table accent used time and time again. This affordable option adds color to a plain tablecloth and is easy to use. Simply sprinkle your desired amount on each table to add fun décor and keep on-theme. Choose a style or color that matches your look – we have dozens of styles to choose from starting at only $0.99! The metallic and bold colors add a dash of dazzle to any table for little cost. Perfect!

Pose garland around your tables for an elegant boost to your table décor. These four options are easy to use and pair with several fun prom themes. The Golden Teardrop Garland is a perfect addition to a Paris theme. Light candles on your table, add an Eiffel Tower centerpiece and pose garland around the focal points for added texture to your decor. Gold Milky Way Garland is an inexpensive way (only $1.99/25 ft. roll) to style your starry night theme – these stars can be draped around the center of the table or intertwined around chairs. Pearl Garlands are lighted and can be used again and again. Easy to store and adaptable to any theme, purchase table garland once and use it for years to come!

Here’s an insider secret – centerpieces with added height give an illusion of grandeur. These risers are long-lasting and perfect for any theme or centerpiece. Simply stagger the sizes on your table with your chosen centerpieces or accents for an upgraded look – we promise it will add an expensive look to your table. These three options are our personal favorites (easy to use AND adaptable to future prom nights). A décor piece that is well worth the investment!

No matter which theme you choose, we have centerpieces for you. Whether you have small cocktail tables for appetizes or large round tables for a full meal, bring in color, fun and romance with beautiful centerpieces from Stumps Party.

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