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The 5 Best Classic Prom Themes

At Stumps Party, we specialize at making prom the most memorable event in every teenagers' high school years. With these classic prom themes, transform your venue into an event space every teen will remember. From classic colors to Paris nights, we have everything you need to make prom the best night of the year.

Classic prom themes don’t have to be boring. This Silver Rush theme is both classic and versatile. With silver fabric, disco balls, balloons and more, the aesthetic is simple yet inviting. High schoolers will love the giant Silver Rush Fluted Prom Column Set and 2019 Silver Rush Number Set. Grab 3D Lighted Stars of each size and call it a night to remember.

A classic Hollywood night consists of stars, palm trees and the perfect lighting. The Hollywood 3D Letter Set and Walk of Fame Star Decals are great starting points for this larger-than-life theme. Create an entrance fit for A-Listers with the Lighted Golden Demure Arch – this prop comes with the lights you need to make each high schooler shine.

Step into a monochromatic dream with a glamorous black-tie affair every student will remember. With more sparkle than an average prom theme, the Black & White Ball features beaded chandeliers, crystal columns and satin fabrics. With 2019 Giant White Number Set and balloons, students will find photo ops fit for the entire squad.

Raise the stakes with this classic casino theme with fabrics, balloons and hanging décor to set prom over the edge. Each large prop is lighted – don’t worry, each prop comes with everything you need to make the casino sparkle. Huge 5-foot Roll the Dice Hand of Cards Props and Casino Lighted Letter Sets are great space fillers and work even better when you put them on risers to create dimension. Don’t forget the palm trees!

Casino Prom Centerpieces

4. Paris

Dance the night away with the Under the Eiffel theme. With a huge Under the Eiffel Tower Base Arch and giant 3D Paris letter set, high schoolers will have plenty of opportunities to smile for selfies. Create a golden walkway with metallic rolls and lanterns. The street lights set the scene with enchanted rose trees. A Paris theme means romance – a whimsical way to spend prom night.

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