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Ideas for After Prom

The night’s still young and so are you! So, what is there for you and your classmates to do after the prom is over? Here are some ideas and tips to keep the party going!


1. Casino Night

You can bet on this after-prom theme. Students don’t normally get to gamble, so they’ll enjoy the opportunity to learn and win prizes!

Get the fun started by transforming your venue into a Vegas casino with flashy décor. Greet each guest with a dice necklace to put them in the gambling mood! Then, usher your classmates to the buffet table to fuel up before rolling the dice. Set out sliders held together by a sandwich pick with a playing card attached; ice cookies to look like poker chips; attach play money to water bottles as a label; fill dice boxes with sixlets or gumballs.

Parents or teachers can help run games like black jack, craps, poker and roulette; you can even get personalized playing cards and poker chips! For those who aren’t into gambling, set up other ways students can score chips. Start a card tournament like euchre where players can earn for every game they win. Set up a karaoke spot with a small dance floor where you and your friends can win based on your sweet moves or singing skills. Create a photo booth with a large background and casino-themed balloons filled with helium; stock the photo op area with fedoras, boas and other wearable props. Students could get chips for posting their pictures on social media with a hashtag like #CentralHSVegasAfterProm.

At the end of the night, these high rollers can cash in their chips for prizes like themed treats, tumblers and picture frames, all the way up to tablets, TVs and more! They’re sure to leave feeling like winners!

2. Game Night

This after-prom theme is truly all fun and games, and it’s perfect for throwing at the school with a decorating kit!

To begin the night, set up a walking taco bar, then invite students to the school auditorium to snack while they watch a live game of Family Feud; make sure you come up with questions and poll students a couple weeks before prom. Another option would be to play games like on the TV show Minute to Win It. You can invite groups of friends from the audience to play these, or have the prom court compete—boys vs. girls.

Next, make various game stations around the school. You could set up a giant game of Twister™ or dodgeball in the gym, a video game tournament or "Extreme Spoons" in the cafeteria, and various board or card games in the classrooms. If the weather is nice, try outdoor games like cornhole and soccer; consider having a bonfire where students can warm up, roast hot dogs and make s’mores if it gets too cool outside.

To satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth throughout the night, set up a Candy Land™ corner where classmates can load up on personalized sweets like lollipops, chocolate bars and cupcakes.

Game and tournament winners can be awarded prizes at the end of the evening. Check with your friends’ moms to see if they would be able to put together themed gift baskets, such as a movie basket with a DVD, popcorn and candy.

3. Carnival

Step right up for a night at the carnival. This event can be fun, even for high school students! Start off with bright, colorful décor to bring on the nostalgia. Make sure to pass out tickets to everyone so they can play games, buy food and, of course, earn prizes!

Activities for this theme are easy with so many games to choose from: Plink Disk Drop, Prize Punch, Ring Toss, Bean Bag Toss and Can Toss. This is another great opportunity to have parents volunteer to help. One thing that’s sure to have you and your friends laughing is a teacher dunk tank! See if you can rent one. If you know any underclassmen or parent artists, you could ask if they’d be willing to man a caricature or face paint booth. Additionally, set up photo stand-ins and backgrounds for students to clown around and snap pics.

Now, who doesn’t love carnival food? We’re talking popcorn, cotton candy, nachos, hot dogs and personalized candies! Ask parents, teachers or underclassmen to walk around and collect tickets in exchange for the goodies. A perfect way to incorporate food and games is to set up a cupcake walk—yum!

For prizes, you can award themed items like key chains, photo cubes and travel mugs. You may also consider providing personalized school spirit gear and electronics for students to purchase with tickets. Think about what other things you and your friends might want to "buy", whether it be a special parking spot at school or free ice cream at lunch the rest of the year.

A personalized tumbler filled with mini candy bars is a great way to send guests off for the night.

4. Movie Night

All your classmates love a good flick and some buttery popcorn, right? Make it a movie night! This is an idea that could easily be hosted at the school, so then you can use your budget on the décor!

Begin with some preliminary, movie-related activities. Create a pillow case relay in the gym where teams of students must hop up the court, toss a yellow or white balloon in a giant popcorn container and race back to tag the next person. The first team to fill the container wins! Another idea would be to set up a movie trivia game in the auditorium. Ask for volunteers from the audience, or have the court compete—juniors vs. seniors. The cafeteria could also be used for movie soundtrack karaoke, Scene It?™, or a spinoff of Hedbanz™ that involves famous movie characters. Set up a sundae bar for students to snack, watch and play.

Now for the actual movies! Let students pick the films they’d like shown beforehand so you’ll have a lot of interest. At the concession stand or cafeteria window, post banners with movie showings and times; you can then pass out tickets indicating the classroom where the movie is playing. Depending on how many students are attending, you may need to purchase rope railings to create lines. Teachers and parents can help here, as well as in the rooms. Serve concessions like popcorn, nachos, lollipops and candy bars.

If students opt not to watch a movie, they can keep playing games or singing karaoke. You may also want to have a photo booth set up in various hallways or common areas. A movie picture frame, then, makes the perfect parting gift!

5. Glow Bowling

Glow crazy with cosmic bowling! Check with the alley in advance to determine what props and decorations you can use. You may also want to ask if they have an arcade area for non-bowlers. This after-prom is an excellent choice because the set-up is easy and the fun is contained.

First, pass out socks so your friends are ready to slip on a pair of rented shoes, and also hand out light-up bracelets and necklaces. Work with the alley to provide pizza and pop for everyone; pop can be served in glow cups! And what would bowling night be without tunes? Allow students to request the music beforehand—just make sure you check the lyrics!

Now that everyone’s well fed, dressed to glow and enjoying the beats, it’s time for the bowling to begin! For students who play on the bowling team or are just skilled at the game, set up a tournament in which the lane with the highest average wins a prize like a gift card or trophy that’s passed down year-to-year. For novice bowlers, let them try variations like bumper bowling, granny bowling or bowling with a ramp. A couple more ideas would be to play "Bowling Poker" or "9-Pin No Tap". In the first one, players get one playing card for every spare or strike; they keep all the cards in their hand, and at the end of the game, the person with the highest five-card poker hand wins! In the second one, any bowler who knocks down nine pins on the first ball is awarded a strike.

If players are between games or turns, you may want to include a spot where classmates can take pics; try a customized background and props for quick set-up. Go all out with glow-in-the-dark sunglasses, necklaces and sticks.

Let students keep their wearables as a favor, and wrap up the evening with a personalized candy bar.


  • Check with your school’s PTO/PTA or underclassmen to see if they would be willing to help with the planning, allowing you to focus on prom.
  • Come up with a clever hashtag for your school’s after-prom and post it on a banner.
  • Think about the best place to host based on what activities you choose: hotel banquet hall, movie theater, bowling alley, country club, the school, etc.
  • See if local businesses would like to donate prizes.
  • Make sure you have enough chaperones, whether they be teachers, parents or administrators.

Have a fun and safe after-prom!

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