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Top 8 Prom Favor Ideas

Prom is one of the most memorable nights of your high school career, so send your classmates home with keepsake gifts after the music fades. Here are our top eight picks:

1. Swag Bags

If you can’t decide what favors to give to students, give them multiple items! Swag bags include something for everyone, like picture frames, key chains, mints and mugs. The best part is that all the essentials coordinate to fit your theme. Guests will leave feeling swagalicious!

2. Picture Frames

No doubt there will be a lot of pictures on prom night, whether they’re taken by Mom at home or you and your friends in the photo booth. Get those photos out of the phone with a personalized frame for any theme, from Broadway to the tropics. Too many great picture choices? Try a rotating photo cube for up to six images! Photo booth strips of multiple shots also look great in clip frames. Picture perfect!

3. Electronics

Your classmates never leave home without their devices. Cater to their love of electronics with cell phone card holders, earbuds, car chargers and USB power banks. Better yet, give them a selfie stick at the beginning of the prom, rather than at the end, so they can snap pics with friends. Our favorite favor is a set of personalized headphones—nothing beats it!

4. Drinkware

This memento is both functional and fun! One hot idea is to personalize travel mugs for coffee or tea with your school’s dance theme, whether it’s the 1920s or masquerade. Another cool option would be to imprint an LED tumbler or glow-in-the-dark cup with your school name, theme and prom date. Or, add class with glassware! These are timeless and will last well into guests’ adult years, plus you can always add a candle. Cheers!

5. Key Chains

This one’s always a favorite—affordable, too! Personalize a key chain for your dance theme, like Paris or Hollywood. Choose from hundreds of designs, or create your own! Add your school name, prom tagline and year. Students can add theirs to a custom lanyard or backpack.

6. Playing Cards

After they’re done on the dance floor, hand them a deck of cards. Choose from nearly 100 pre-designed case options for themes like Gatsby, Mardi Gras and the 1990s. If that doesn’t suit you, create your own playing card case using any picture, graphic or text you’d like! These are the best choice if you’re hosting a casino or Vegas after-prom, or if your classmates are Texas hold ’em or euchre fans.

7. Edible Treats

Everyone will be hungry after all that dancing! Treat guests to sweet snacks like sixlets, mints, Hershey’s™ chocolate bars and kisses, as well as lollipops. This will give them the fuel they need for a rockin’ after-prom. All these can be personalized with custom labels, jars and stickers created to fit your theme. Just add your own messaging and voila!

8. Wearables

These are the perfect segue to the after-prom. You and your classmates will be ready to get comfortable, kick back and have some fun. Consider passing out flip flops, especially for the girls who are ready to get out of those heels! T-shirts are great for the guys; they’ll love taking off their neckties! Sunglasses are cool, functional and go well with a decade or beach theme. You could give guests one of everything in a personalized drawstring backpack, also handy for keeping track of personal belongings while enjoying activities after the dance. Now you’ve got this prom favors thing in the bag!

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