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Trade Show Giveaway Ideas - Branded items people will actually use

Whether you're setting up at a trade show or finding the perfect holiday gift for your employees, these branded promotional items are sure to be a big hit and will encourage everyone to boast your brand while they're out and about.

Strategically promoting your brand is an important part of growing your business, finding the perfect corporate favor that gets employees and potential customers excited about the work that  you are doing takes a specific balance between practicality and creativity.

Check out our trade show set up for a complete guide for what to include on your own table.

Add Your Logo To Drinkware

Drinkware is the giveaway that keeps on giving. During your event, everyone will enjoy having water bottles or other cups that they can carry around and after the event, they're sure to continue to re-use tumblers and travel mugs for years to come.

Branded Water Bottles

Custom water bottle labels are a cost-effective way to promote your business while still providing something that is of value to your customers.

With our Create-A-Water Bottle Tool, it's easy to make a completely personal water bottle label with your brand on it.

Tumblers With Your Logo

Tumblers are something that everyone can use. They're an easy way to take drinks on the go and make for a spill-free trip. No matter who you pass these cups out to, they're sure to be used, carried and admired by everyone they come in contact with.

Custom Travel Mugs For Your Brand

If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's the soothing effects of a warm beverage on a cold day. Once you start passing out your personalized travel mugs, guests will flock to the table. These mugs will earn a premiere spot in the daily lives of your customers or employees, which incidentally will mean that they are showing off your brand everywhere that they go.

At Stumps Party, you can create your own Travel Mug complete with your logo within minutes of entering the site. Change the colors and add your logo with ease, it's so simple, you won't even need to call in the graphic designers for help.

Add Your Logo To Drinkware

Drinkware is the giveaway that keeps on giving. During your event, everyone will enjoy having water bottles or other cups that they can carry around and after the event, they're sure to continue to re-use tumblers and travel mugs for years to come.

Edible Treats

With our experience at Trade Shows, there's no better way to lure people in the with a delicious treat or snack. While they're enjoying your snack, you can tell them all about what's important to you. By the end of it, they're sure to associate your brand with the sweet sugar rush that they enjoyed while conversing with you.

Personalized Mint Tins

After all the coffee that everyone will have consumed during the morning, people will be eager for a breath mint at your table. They'll happily walk across the room for a little refresher, plus each mint tin comes with enough mints to last the whole weekend; anyone that stops by your table will walk away with a fresh perspective on your brand.

After your guests finish all of the mints, they're still sure to hang on to your Custom Mint Tins. They can be refilled with more mints or used for small household storage. Women will enjoy storing hair clips in their purses. You'll find that these mint tins float around for years to come being re-purposed over and over again, ensuring that your brand stays top of mind all the while.

Branded Chocolate Bars

You can never go wrong with chocolate. Whether potential customers and employees choose to eat it during the event or take it home to their kids as a souvenir, no one will be able to resist approaching your table. The enjoyment that they receive while eating the chocolate will seal the deal on making a good impression, too.

With Stumps Party, you can either opt to just create a label and add it to a candy bar of your choice or you can get the candy and labels together to save yourself some effort.

Gifts To Cherish

While everyone loves a good food related treat, it's nice to have the option for something that will last a little longer and have a place in different areas of your customer bases' daily lives. Items like notepads and key chains provide a different type of practical value that will associate your brand with practicality and no-nonsense good business sense.

Custom Note Pads

Picture this, a potential client comes up and begins a discussion with you. They seem interested in what you have to offer, but need to run it by their manager. They search for a place to take down some notes about pricing and you quickly hand them a small notebook with your logo on the front, complete with a pen that locks in place on the side of the notebook.

Since it's so easy to create a personalized notepad, you'll want to keep plenty of these on hand. People will stop by your table chat with you, and take a notebook. Even if they use it to write notes about your competitors, they'll have your brand front and center when it comes to making purchase decisions after the event, which is sure to cause them to give you a second glance.

Memorable Key Chains

Companies and individuals alike always need key chains. They help to ensure that keys don't turn up missing and differentiate between which key ring is which.

It's easy to create your own key chain and it's sure to make a big impression. Imagine all of your prospective clients toting around their house keys and office keys with your brand highlighted with an ultra-clear printing job.

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